The Story of Hydrozid®

The story of Hydrozid® begins in 2010 when Medilink, the parent company of BIBAWO Medical, developed its first cryosurgery product. The original product was developed as a local anesthetic to numb the skin and make injections less painful for children. While speaking with Danish doctors and nurses about our new product, we received a lot of feedback that children also needed a less scary alternative for the treatment of warts, and: “Wouldn’t it be great if Medilink’s product could be used in that way!

Based on this feedback from our customers, the idea for Hydrozid® was born.

Following its regulatory clearance, Medilink introduced Hydrozid® to Danish dermatologists. Dermatologists were initially resistant to the idea of a disposable cryogen. The typical response during those days was: “Thanks for the information. The product is not something we want to use as we have easy access to liquid nitrogen and are accustomed to using this product.” Others mentioned the high fees they would face in switching from their current liquid nitrogen supplier.

Undeterred by this feedback, Hydrozid® sales representatives continued to visit offices, demonstrating the product and discussing the impressive clinical results that users were observing. Once customers tried the product, they quickly saw the tremendous benefits an effective, portable cryosurgery system offered.

Soon, a number of dermatologists had become customers and Hydrozid® sales reps began reaching out to primary care practitioners, pediatricians and podiatrists whom they believed would also benefit from the treatment option. As few had treated skin lesions before, we started from scratch, talking about the value this type of treatment could add to their practice.

Before long, our sales reps became very busy. It was no longer due to their constant efforts of knocking on new doors, but rather because doctors were now calling them and requesting a visit. Since that time the sales of Hydrozid® have continued to grow throughout Denmark and into neighboring countries.

Because of our success at home, we feel it is now time to bring this proven treatment to the U.S., so providers and patients can also enjoy the advantages that come with a quick and effective product like Hydrozid®.

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Ole Kjerulf-Jensen
Ole Kjerulf-Jensen

Founder, Medilink A/S

Christian Kjerulf-Jensen
Christian Kjerulf-Jensen


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